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Bunge La Mwananchi Wants KEPHISI Boss investigated over abuse of office claims.


Bunge LA Mwananchi Group is seeking to have KEPHISI boss investigated over abuse of office claims.
Through its Patron Henry Shitanda,the group has written a letter dated August 13,2020 directed to EACC on the same.
The CEO Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services (KEPHIS) is accused of misappropriation of resources at the organisation.
Shutanda in the letter says that what is happening in the parastatal is widely and largely contrary to the mission,vision and core values of the Kenyan Constitution.
Katiba Institute says that the parastatal CEO and Chairman have gone forth to handle and manage the organisation as a private entity contrary to the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Act 2012.
The group added that the two have been using the organisation’s resources to maneuver their personal gain interests on behalf of the parastatal.
“On or before December 2019,the chairman started his own project of potatoes farming at the Mau Narok in Nakuru County,with the use of Government Motor Vehicle KBR 626U on the expense of the organisation” added Shitanda.
The chairman is also accused of diverting the roles of his public officers to conduct his personal project using allowances of over 84,000 per per week.
” He has also been using Government Toyota Prado KBW 777V to advance personal interest and not official duties,”says Shitanda in the letter
The group says on August 6 to 9,2020,the said motor vehicle was found at Nyamira and was supposed to be at Nakuru.
The lobby group expressed concern that abuse of office is a killer disease in our society and is thoroughly fought against.

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