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Businessman seeks justice saying that Paramount Bank is grabbing his Park-lands land.

by Faith Karanja

An Asian businessman is seeking justice claiming that Paramount Bank auctioned his land.

Zaverchand Ramji Shah has at the same time written to National Land Commission ( NLC) over the matter.

After going through the letter, NLC last year wrote to the DCI, ministry of lands saying the Parklands title deed that could have been obtained fraudulently should be cancelled.

NLC said Land owners who may have used shortcuts to obtain their titles through fraudulent may soon lose them. 

This is after the NLC ordered that all titles that could have been obtained fraudulently to be cancelled.

In reference to parcel number LR 209/6/13, Antipas Nyajwa, the Deputy Director at Investigations and Forensic services at the NLC said that the parcel was obtained fraudulently.

“This is to inform you that the NLC upon investigations into the ownership status of the above mentioned parcel of land upon a complaint from Osundwa and company advocates acting for Zervachand Ramj Shah who claims to be registered owner of the parcel of land and upon an official search conducted at the registry we discovered that the parcel was transferred to Kurwa Limited company owned by Hon.Simon Kuria Kanyagi(the deceased) and wife Jerioth Wangui in 22/4/2008 signed by Susan Wange on behalf of Kurwa Limited  to Mr.Karim Kanani is fraudulent and not tenable,” the NLC officer said.

The land was allegedly obtained by Paramount Bank, transferred to KURWA limited which transferred it to other parties.

Nyajwa directed that the tittle be cancelled.

It also emerged that the people who signed the transfer documents at the registry were not authorized to do as per the law.

“In law, the people who did the transfer had no legal capacity to transfer the land, “the letter read.

NLC also revealed the court papers that were used to transfer the land were fake,

“NLC discovered that the papers which purported to be from court were fraudulently inserted in court files and were not from the court,” he said.

He then directed that the land be returned to its rightful owner.

“On 3rd may, the registry was served with a court order that purportedly removed the caveat placed by Sarah Maina and effected the transfer to Karim Kanani, removal of the caveat occasioned the transfer of the parcel to Kanani the same day the order was served, the property was again transferred within 12 days to Aldermed Limited and on investigations of the court order dated 3/5/2019,”

The Director said in the latter that the letter was written to the deputy registrar of the high court on the same.

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