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Company director charged with Theft of Sh 10M

by Robert Guyana

A Company director has been detained for a week to allow prosecution file an application for search warrant in his office.

Hussein Mukter appeared before magistrate Sinkiyan Tobiko and denied the charges.

He was accused that on November 27, 2017 and July 2, 2020 at First Community Bank Limited as office manager, jointly with others not before court, stole money amounting to USD 97,716 amounting to Sh 10 million the property of Total Quality Halal Correct Limited which came into his possession by virtue of his employment.

The defense requested for a favorable bond terms saying there is a civil case at the high court which the parties are considering.

“The motive by the prosecution to retrieve office equipment’s and the accused mobile phone is malicious and intends to sabotage his position as a manger in the office, “added Mukter through his lawyer.

The prosecution however opposed to his bond saying as one of the directors of the company, there were some money that was collected and was being received at the accused person’s office.

They requested that the court allow police to escort the accused person to his office to pick computer or office equipment’s which are yet to be retrieved before being released on bond.

However the magistrate considered the conditions stated by the prosecution in bond and bail terms and ruled that the accused may interfere with the evidence in the case if the documents from his office is not retrieved.

“Since the accused person is not a flight risk, the conditions the court cannot determine whether the prosecution’s conditions are being brought out of malice or the integrity of the evidence, I give them seven days to file a proper application for the search of phone records and computer, “ruled magistrate Tobiko.

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