Home Court News Professor Tom Ojienda sends demand notice to CAS Ambassador Tuneya Hussein seeking Sh 2M he owes him.

Professor Tom Ojienda sends demand notice to CAS Ambassador Tuneya Hussein seeking Sh 2M he owes him.

by Robert Guyana

A city lawyer has filed a statutory demand notice against CAS Ambassador Tuneya Hussein Dado asking for Sh2 million payment for work done failure to which he will file a bankruptcy order against him.

Dado is the chief administrative secretary Devolution and ASAL Areas.

In an application filed at the High court under the Insolvency Act, addressed to Dado, Professor Tom Ojienda wants to him pay Sh2million together with accrued interest since a date of taxation ruling on August 23, 2018.

“Take notice that within 21 days after service of this notice to you, you must pay Prof.Ojienda &Associates the sum of Sh2million together with accrued interests”, the notice reads.

He adds that the amount is  for a High court case at Garsen High petition no.2 of 2017 being a suit between Dado and IEBC and three others where the court ruled that he was to pay for the costs in the petition.

Ojienda wants the CAS to satsfy the court that he has a counter claim set off or cross demand against the lawfirm which equals or exceeds the claimed.

“Further take notice that failure to pay the aforesaid amount, shall result in the lawfirm filing a bankruptcy order against the compsany.

In 2017, Dado who lost his position as a Governor to Dhadho Gaddae Godhana, ditched the opposition (NASA)outfit to join the Jubilee Party saying he did not regret joining Jubilee because he was sure the coalition would win the election.

He added that he was tired of leading his people in the opposition which he says is full of confusion.

Dado said he was tired of leading his people in the opposition, adding that he will go around the county to notify the electorate that he was no longer in the opposition that he said is full of confusion and infighting with no presidential candidate as compared to Jubilee which he says is well organized.

Dado indicated that his key mandate would be to popularise the Jubilee Party in Tana River County, campaign for the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta as well as his gubernatorial bid on a Jubilee ticket.

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