Consider the marginalized regions, Alfred Mutua urges government.

Machakos governor and 2022 presidential aspirant Dr Alfred Mutua has urged the government to take measure that would bring to an end marginalisation in many parts of the country. 

The Maendeleo Chap Chap party leader bemoaned how some part of Kenya and especially in Eastern and North Eastern region have lagged behind, saying they need special attention to improve the quality of life for the area locals. 

“There are places in this country that have lagged behind in development for far too long and require urgent measures to bring them at par with the rest of Kenya,” Mutua said today while in Embu town.

The presidential hopeful said that despite being endowed with land fertile for production of coffee and tea, Mbeere in Eastern Kenya is underdeveloped and needed special intervention from the   national government to spur growth in the area. 

During his meet-the- people listening tours of the county said national government needed to expand markets for both coffee and tea in order to benefit regions growing those crops.

“I am shocked that markets for agricultural products like milk, tea and coffee have continued to deteriorate while government has done little to address that,” Mutua said. 

He vowed to improve global markets for coffee and tea if he wins the presidential election. 

” Kenyans are lied to everyday in this country and their voices stifled, my presidency will give power to people because they come first,” he said.

He also decried the state of unemployment in the country and promised to create job opportunities for young people, adding that they are the backbone of the nation. 

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