Senator Ole Kina


Talk on whether marijuana should be made legal in Kenya has been triggered again by Narok Senator Ledama Olekina after he released a video of him touring one of weed farms in Europe.

The Senator supports its legalisation saying it has some medicinal value.

His view supported a take by a Kiambu man who was filmed last year explaining to Kiambu Town MP Jude Njomo why Uhuru Kenyatta government should cultivate it.

The unidentified man admitted he smokes the bhang and proposed large scale farming of marijuana by government for export to settle the huge China debt.

After looking at your ideas as the government, I am convinced that there is nothing that you guys are working on that will help the people and reduce the foreign debt. That’s why I am offering this idea of bhang cultivation. They will be farming through me so that their money is not stolen” he told Njomo.

His words were echoed by Olekina who proposed the farming of weed by the government on the state lands especially on Galana-Kulalu irrigation farm where maize has not been a success.

Olekina proposed farming of the hemp is a multi-billion enterprise as it is sued for making ropes and this would earn the country a lot to help settle debts and spur growth.

“Weed has the component to make users high while the other component is medicinal. In USA there are shops designated to sell weed. Let’s not lie to Kenyans. Most of politicians smoke weed” Olekina said.

Adding; “It is worth looking into this matter. On Galana-Kulalu we should plant hemp there and sell it to pay the China debt. President should stop insist on planting maize there”.

When the Kiambu bhang smoker explained to his MP alongside government officials and security officers how the country would benefit from farming marijuana, they appeared bemused but was determined in his proposal thus;

I propose farming is done on government-owned land for easier control. It will be done for pharmaceutical use and exported to other countries and it will help reduce the debt. Other countries are doing it and they are benefiting a lot”.

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