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Two women in child trafficking case to be taken to hospital after falling sick in custody.

by Robert Guyana

Court has directed that two women accused of kidnapping a four months old child and transported her from Nairobi to Bungoma to undergo medical checkup.

This is after Magistrate Martha Mutuku was yesterday informed that Nelly Achieng who is a student at KMTC Bungoma County and also the second accused in the case is unwell.

“Your honors Achieng is a student and needs to conduct her second exam and she is also ailing, “said Akinyi who spoke on behalf of the second accused.

The matter was coming for consolidation with another of similar kind but the court was informed that the accused in the other matter has tested positive of Covid-19.

Magistrate Mutuku said that he will take a mention date in a months’ time and directed that the two be taken to hospital.

Court was informed that they are still needed at Bungoma court and Mutuku directed that they be taken to Bungoma court then back to Milimani on April 16,2021 where an application for bond will be heard.

Grace Akinyi Misiani and Nelly Achieng Misiani are charged with two counts of trafficking in persons and conspiracy to commit a felony against the law.

The court was informed that on March 1,2021 at Uhuru park area within Nairobi County, jointly with others not before the court, conspired together to commit a felony, namely trafficking in persons, in that they conspired to traffick baby E.T a child aged four months for the purpose of exploitation in abuse of vulnerability.

In the second count, the two were accused that on March 1,2021, at Uhuru Park of Nairobi County Jointly with others not before court transported and harbored, E.T a child aged four months from Nairobi to Bungoma for the purpose of exploitation in abuse of position of vulnerability.

They denied the charges read against them.

The prosecution has told magistrate Martha Mutuku that they are intending to oppose bail and they need more time.

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