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IPOA staff charged with stealing a murder file from the body detained for 7 days

by JT reporter

A file record manager at Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) has been detained for seven days after being arraigned in court for stealing a murder case file.

Norbert Ouko together with two others Benard Ochieng and David Ochieng have appeared before magistrate David Ndungi of Milimani law courts where the prosecution sought to detain them pending the completion of investigations.

They have been charged that on diverse dates between December 1,2020 and May 26,2021 at IPOA head office 1st gong Avenue ACK annex building, jointly with others who were not before the court, stole a murder investigation file and assorted investigations documents of the said Independent Policing Oversight Authority.

Ouko was charged in the second count with handling stolen goods against the law.

He was charged that on May 29,2021 in Embakasi sub county, otherwise than in the course of stealing, dishonestly removed IPOA murder investigation files from IPOA offices.

The two others were also charged with handling stolen files from Norbert Ouko knowing they were stolen.

They pleaded not guilty to the charges and requested to be released on favorable bond terms.

However, the prosecution denied their release on bail saying that they will interfere with witnesses who are in those files and are at risk.

The police said that they also need more time to make arrangements with the witness protection agency to ensure the safety of the witnesses.

According to them, they need to gather data and other missing files and know the witnesses that are required to be protected.

“granting them cash bail or bond terms is putting the witnesses at risk, “they said

They said that it is in the best interest of justice that the accused be remanded for seven days.

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