A businessman accused of shooting two officers at Kasarani club has been detained for a week.

Dickson Njanja Mararo the suspect behind the shooting of two police officers and a woman at Quiver’s Lounge in Kasarani, will now have to spend a week in police cells.

This is after magistrate Zainab Abdul granted the prosecution seven days to conclude their investigations in the matter.

The investing officer Geoffrey Ndatho had told the court that he is investigating an attempted murder case and the suspect has not yet been processed for fingerprints.

“The officer is yet to retrieve the CCTV footage for a cyber forensic report, record statement from crucial witnesses, obtain a medical report of the victims and obtain a report from Ballistic examiners”, the affidavit reads.

Statements from victims are yet to be recorded since they have been admitted to the hospital.

Makueni MP Dan Maanzo representing the victims claims constable Felistus Musyoka has not woken up since the operation he underwent at Nairobi Hospital.

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