Home Court News Acting Governor Ann Kananu in court to stop her arrest.

Acting Governor Ann Kananu in court to stop her arrest.

by Robert Guyana

Acting Governor Ann Kananu has moved to Court seeking to stop her impending arrest over KRA tax arrears.

Through her lawyer Lawyer Thomas Letangule,she says that she is apprehensive of looming arrest by KRA .

“The intended arrest is a criminal process meant to embarras her in a matter that is actively in negotiations between the Nairobi County and KRA.
The respondent is using the criminal process as a tool to vex the applicants settle scores ,villify and demonstrate muscle,”said letangule.

He added that tax arrears of Sh 2.1Billion demanded by KRA are accumulated since 2011 while Kananu presumed office in 2021.

Letangule says that the process initiated by the State have no reasonable basis.

Criminal proceedings against Kananu is an abuse of Court process. He adds that the County committee to make monthly deposits of Kshs 250 million.

The County has so far made a deposit of kshs 1.350,000,000 and intends to honour the remaining debt by making payments installments.

He has sued KRA,DCI and the National Police Service.

She says that the impending arrest is an abuse of the criminal process as it is intended to embarass Kananu in a manner that is actively in negotiations between the Nairobi County Government and the Kenya Revenue Authority.

Kananu was summoned on October 26,2021 by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

Kananu had been summoned together with two county finance officials over failure to remit income tax.

DCI officer-in-charge of KRA Unit Purity Nkiiri in the summon letter highlighted that the office is investigating a case involving the failure to remit income tax, withholding tax and PAYE contrary to Section 97 of the Tax Procedure Act.

Nkiiri notes that she has reasons to believe that the three are either connected with the said offence or have useful information that may assist in investigations.

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