Home Court News Former Jack & Jill Supermarket boss files petition to remove DPP from office.

Former Jack & Jill Supermarket boss files petition to remove DPP from office.

by Robert Guyana

Schon Ahmed Noorani has filed a third petition at Public Service Commission(PSC) seeking to have DPP Noordin Haji removed from office over what he terms as incompetence.

Noorani says Haji in regard to his failure to prosecute a case of a debtor who have failed to honor a Sh 240 million debt owed to Noorani.

Noorani says that Haji has declined to charge his former colleague and business associate Rajendra Sanghani for refusing to pay him his money which has since accrued to Sh240 million.

The petitioner claims that Sanghani took a loan of Sh 167 million from him in 2015 which has over time accrued interest after the borrower defaulted payment.

In 2018, Sanghani entered into another agreement with Noorani to pay Sh1 million in interest due to the delay in payments.

Noorani Through his lawyer Danstan Omari says that even after they reached into a debt paying agreement by way of promissory notes and postdated cheques Sanghani went ahead and defaulted the payment.

When the postdated cheques matured, Noorani went to the bank to get his money only to be told by the bank that Sanghani had cancelled the cheques.

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