Home Court News DCI orders Businessman Jimi Wanjigi to surrender a bunch of more alleged illegal firearms in his custody.

DCI orders Businessman Jimi Wanjigi to surrender a bunch of more alleged illegal firearms in his custody.

by Robert Guyana

Jimi Wanjigi has been given 72 hours to surrender 10 firearms and over 400 bullets failure to which he will be prosecuted.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) says that Wanjigi is holding firearms illegally as he does not have firearm certificate for them.

“The firearms and ammunition whereabouts are unknown and could be in the hands of criminal gangs as demonstrated by the arming of an ex-GSU officer inside the premises of a Company they fully control.

DCI says that illegal holding of firearms and such massive amount of Ammunition especially at this time of heightened political activity, could be used to commit a myriad of offenses including maiming and killing of innocent persons.

He added that the DCI has a duty to detect, deter, disrupt and investigate, any intelligence or information either on complaint or on its own volition.

Wanjigi has until Wednesday to surrender a cache of firearms and bullets in his possession.

The DCI told Wanjigi to surrender the 10 firearms and ammunition within 72 hours or face prosecution for illegal possession.

In the application filed by Activist Memba Ocharo,DCI is being urged to reclaim another bunch of firearms that were believed to be in his custody.

Ocharo through his lawyer Danstan Omari says that Wanjigi has accused ODM top leadership Raila Odinga Odinga of being behind his woes with investigative authorities.

Omari says that Wanjigi is even accusing President Uhuru Kenyatta of intimidating him.

He added that it is in the interest of justice that Wanjigi surrenders the firearms as ordered by DCI.

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