Home Court News 26 year old man charged with forging a degree from Moi University.

26 year old man charged with forging a degree from Moi University.

by Robert Guyana

A middle aged man has been charged with forging a degree certificate from Moi University.

Gerald Lumuchele appeared before magistrate Bernard Ochoi and denied the charges.

is accused that on the 13 th of June this year at unknown place,he forged a Moi university Degree certificate (Computer Science) second class Honors dated 17th December 2021 purporting it to be genuine degree certificate issued by Moi University.

According to the covering report, the accused applied for a job –Cyber Security Analyst that had been advertised by Housing Finance Bank Limited.  Lumuchele applied for the job and successfully got the job.

The Bank-Human resource department did a background check up on the degree certificate presented before it to confirm its authenticity and it emerged that the certificate did not originate from the university.

Similarly the name of the accused was not amongst the printout of the graduated list.

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