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Court Upholds the Victory of Starehe MP Amos Mwago.

by Robert Guyana

A Nairobi Court has upheld the election of Starehe MP Amos Mwago.

High Court Judge Martin Muya has ruled that the petition that was challenging the election of Mwago lacks merit and he dismissed it.

“The irregularities that were found during the election were not of big magnitudes that could have affected the outcome of the results, “ruled Muya.

Judge Muya added that the petitioners did not prove the allegations of bribery because they did not show which denominations the notes that were being given to voters were.

“The petitioners did not identify the people who were bribing others, “added Muya.

The judge added that the alleged violence occurred before the election date and the court could not identify what was the cause of that violence.

He added that the said violence could not have affected the outcome of the results.

The petition had been filed by three voters who said that the election conducted on August 9, 2022 was marred with irregularities and violence.

The three petitioners were Stanley Kyalo, Peter Waihenya and Samuel Nduhiu.

In their petition, the three voters wanted Mwago’s victory nullified and the returning officer prosecuted. They also sought a recount.

Mwago who ran on the Jubilee party ticket during the August 9, election beat his rival Simon Mbugua of UDA after garnering 50,787 votes.

They alleged the election was marred by violence during voting and tallying and that the returning officer was forced to announce results that were not fully tallied amid the chaos.

Judge Muya had during the hearing process ordered a recount of votes in the constituency.

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