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A Witness in Tycoon Galot case put to Task to explain how the charge sheet was drafted.

by Robert Guyana

The hearing of a case in which Nairobi businessman Mohan Galot is charged with more than seven counts including forgery failed to proceed after a lawyer Kaka Kamau watching brief for the complainant protested over his name being mentioned in the criminal matter.

During the first day of the hearing before Mililani trial magistrate Gilbert Shitubi, the first witness Mr Narendah Galot failed to explain to the court how the charge sheet was drafted while the accused was outside the country.

While being cross examined by a battalion of lawyers led by city lawyer Gilbert George,Narendah Galot the first witness failed to explain to the court how a charge sheet was drafted when all the travelling documents shows that Mohan Galot was out of the country by then.

“Yes indeed the charge sheet shows that but it’s the police to explain how such documents can be drafted without the presence of the accused” Said Narendah.

Regarding the transfer of companies shares and appointment of directors,it also emerged that Mahon Galot was the only director who the mandate to appointment other directors based on the document that were filed by the defence.

During the proceedings,Narenda also told the court that he was not present at the Sheria house during the transfer or changing names of the directors of the company adding that they were done by the officers of the said off.

“Am not aware of who hired or appointed directors of the company because what I know my father who once was the director still have share in companies owned by the accused persons”Said Narendah when asked by lawyer Gilbert George whether he was present when the transfer or company was formed.

While protesting about his names being mentioned in the criminal matter,Kaka told the magistrate he was legally in that matter and there in gag or he was not against the defence but he was not happy on how his name was being dragged in that proceedings.

“Your Lordship,I have no problem with the matter being prosecuted,but am not happy with the way may name is being dragged,there is no court order baring or gagging me from watch brief for the complainant” Said Kaka.

Following the protest by lawyer Kaka Kamau who watched brief for the complainant, the matter was adjourned to the 15th of May for the magistrate to peruse and make ruling.

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