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Key Businessman Ashok Doshi charged with sh 1.2M land fraud.

by Robert Guyana

Mombasa Businessman, Ashok Doshi, was arraigned in Court today and pleaded not guilty to five criminal counts stemming from an alleged fraud involving a prime tract of land in Nairobi.Ashok is charged with scheming to defraud the government of Ksh. 1.2 million shillings by falsifying a stamp duty receipt between May 14th and September 2nd, 1992.The said offense is believed to have taken place in Nairobi at Ardhi House.He was also charged with forging a stamp duty receipt purporting to be issued and signed by a commissioner of lands.The businessman is also accused of forgery and causing a breach of peace against Greenview Lodge Ltd, which is legally entitled to the alleged land at Processional Way.He was granted a cash bail of Ksh. 500,000 shillings on Monday, with the court setting May 2 as the date the case will be mentioned.

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