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5 Nigerians in Sh 48m Kidnapping deal detained for 3 days.

by Robert Guyana

Five Nigerians and two Kenyans accused of luring Ehiarekhian Duke into a house in Kileleshwa on the pretext of discussing a business deal have been detained for four days.

When they appeared before magistrate Bernard Ochoi, the two however who said they are locals and not a flight risk were granted a bond of Sh 100,000 each.

Ochoi added that the fact that some of the suspects said they have a wife and children in Kenya, that cannot be a basis for them to be granted bail.

“The Investigation Officer has indicated that the respondents are foreigners, “added Ochoi.

He remanded 1st and 6th respondents saying that their immigration status is merited.

The five are Ochuko, Osoyi Erewelle, Oseyi Edosa, Jordan Idehen, Ogbeifun Dennis, Ojeaga Edoh, Halima Venesa and Julieta Gakuu.

Vanesa and Gakuu have been released on Sh 100,000 cash bail.

It is said that the seven tortured Duke by stripping him, kicking and punching him and taking videos of their actions They then sent the videos to his family members and friends demanding that they pay the over KSh 48 million he owed them or they would not release him.

The suspect’s lawyer however, claimed there was no abduction and that the complainant was a business partner with the accused persons and had failed to pay their money Five Nigerian nationals and two Kenyan women who allegedly abducted their business associate and sent Whatsapp messages to his family members have been arrested and arraigned.

The seven are alleged to have committed the offence after a deal involving KSh 45 million went sour. They were arraigned after they allegedly called Ehiarekhian Duke for a business meeting at a house in Kileleshwa on Saturday, June 3, where they detained him. According to police the accused told the complainant that they would only leave him after paying them 350,000 US dollars, an equivalent of KSh 48, 580,000 at the current exchange rate.

However, their Advocate Peter Omingo opposed the application for detention saying that the alleged abduction was nothing, but a deal gone sour.

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