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Eldas Constituency Residents Demands financial statements of his Constituency.

by Robert Guyana

A resident of Eldas Counstiteucy has given 21 days notice to the national government constituency and development fund boards NG-CDF to supply him with the financial statements of the Elda’s Constituency or they face legal action.

Through the law firm of Kipkoech Kibet & Co -Advocate,Faisal Abdikadir Adan wants the board to supply him with a summary of complet projects for the financial reports for the year 2019/2020,2021/2022.

Also on the list of the demand by Faisal through the law firm, is a summary of the status of the disbursement of the funds to the constituency for the years 2019/2020,2021/2022.

According to the letter, Faisal also is seeking information regards to the list of the busuery beneficiaries in Eldas constituency and the amount spent in the financial years 2019/2020,2021/2022.

Others on the list is a list of Bursary beneficiaries in Eldas Constituency· of the thirty-three million five
hundred thousand claimed to have been used in 11th March 2023,

Faisal states that under articles Articles 35; 4 7 and 232 of the Constitution of Ke”nya, section 4 of the Access to Information Act 2016, Section 72 of the Public Audit Act, :2015, the Controler of Budget Act and Section 3(n) & (o), 51 and 56 of the National Gove_mment Constituencies Development Ftmd Act 2015. he is entitled to the information.

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