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Senator Boni Khalwale seeks Sh 1.5B for defamation

He wants compensation for damages caused by toto

by Robert Guyana
Senator Boni Khalwale

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has made good his threat to file a Lawsuit against Cleophas Shimanyula alias Toto demanding Ksh 1.5 billion from Toto for alleged defamatory remarks made against him (Khalwale) following the death of his fighter bull attendant.

Toto accused the Kakamega senator of being involved in the killing of his farmhand, Kizito Moi, who died after being gored by a fighter bull.

Moi died on January 28 and was laid to rest on February 5, after a postmortem investigation confirmed Khalwale’s earlier claims that his death was caused by the bull.

Following the autopsy, Khalwale sent a demand letter to the Kakamega tycoon, apologizing and offering to compensate him for damages caused by his “defamatory remarks”.

Toto, however, told him off and dared him for legal combat over the matter.

Through his advocate Danstan Omari, Khalwale now seeks an order stopping Shimanyula from posting and publishing on any media platform defamatory remarks relating to him, his family and late employer Kizito Moi Amukune.

Khalwale says he has been subjected to multiple defamatory remarks steered by the Kakamega tycoon over the past few weeks.

He claims the businessman has been spreading malicious rumours about him relating to the death of his late employee.

“Despite demands for retraction and unconditional apology, Cleophas has failed to comply and has instead to conduct further interviews with defamatory claims, thereby necessitating legal action,” read his documents in part.

Khalwale says the remarks have caused him immense emotional distress and continue to expose him and his entire family to public ridicule.

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