Home General News Former nominated member of parliament Sonia Birdi urges Farmers to use the right forum in seeking repeal of contentious parts of proposed bill.

Former nominated member of parliament Sonia Birdi urges Farmers to use the right forum in seeking repeal of contentious parts of proposed bill.

by Robert Guyana

Former nominated member of parliament Sonia Birdi has expressed concern over the state of farmers and their livelihoods both in Kenya and India.

Speaking to Justicetoday.co.ke at The Monarch Hotel Kilimani area, Sonia urged famers from minority groups and those from her origin Sikh community to use the right forum in repealing the farmers act lawfully and not through public demonstrations.

“I feel very strongly for rights that protect the rights of the minority groups. An exercise I am very vocal at. I respect the fact that you walked the talk when you did. My feelings are those of an upstanding, Sikh who will not watch people suffer when solutions are visible. Allow me to shed some light,” she said in her statement.

Recently, you have decided to ask the Government to repeal the whole act in totality whereas they are offering you an opportunity to compromise on the table, verse to verse. A process that is used when governments wish to engage stakeholders. There is a process that achieves it. In the same way, the law was made, is the same way that it can retrace its steps. In my opinion, use this occasion to negotiate your terms on paper and soon.

This is to your advantage. For the sake of many farmers seated out there in the cold, I beg you to “go home’. Let your chosen leaders be the front of your struggle. Please stop the death of innocent people during tough present times.

“This is my humble request and attempt to reconcile this issue. No need to make it political, there is no act in the world that can be repealed through violence and demonstration,” she added.

She urged them to feel free to contact her on the contact details provided herewith should they wish to discuss with her parts of the bill that are contentious as well as other issues they feel hinder the farmers and Panjab’s progress as a whole.

At the same time, Sonia rasied concern over the high-rate cases of rape among the teenagers in the country by their relatives.

She says it’s quite unfortunate that many young girls are leaving schools due to pregnancy with no place to have a shelter.

“Since Covid-19 broke out last year a number of young girls have been impregnated by friends or relatives and are left with no place to go” said Sonia

The vocal politician is now calling for the government and well-wishers to come up with structures where young girls who don’t have a place to live can be accommodated even as they await to be taken back to schools.

She also lauded the government for taking actions against the perpetrators of this act including the man who was sentenced to over 170 years for defiling her own two girls.

“I think the government needs to do a lot in terms of law to protect girls by enacting turf laws because I feel much more needs to be done.” Said Sonia.

Sonia sentiments come barely one week A 45-year-old man was sentenced to 140 years in prison by a Baricho Court after he pleaded guilty to defiling his two daughters in Dia, Kirinyaga County.

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