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DPP hands over billionaire Humphrey Kariuki’s Sh 7.4 Billion tax evasion fraud case to KRA.

by Robert Guyana

Director of Public Prosecutions(DPP) Noordin Haji has withdrawn from Sh 7.4 billion tax evasion case against billionaire Humphrey Kariuki.

When the matter came for hearing today,court was informed that Haji has appointed three Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA) prosecutors that will deal with the matter onward.

Court allowed that application,At the same time Kariuki was charged afresh with tax evasion offenses.

Kariuki,Peter Njenga,Robert Thinji,Geoffrey Kaara,Kepha Githu,Simon Maundu,Africa Spirits and Wow Beverages pleaded not guilty to the amended charge sheet.

kARIUKI(in white mask) and in front is lawyer Cecil Miller an advocate for the accused

They were charged that between January 31,2019 and February 7,2019 at Africa Spirits Limited and Wow beverages Limited Premises within Thika Town in Kiambu County,being the directors of Africa Spirits Limited and Wow Beverages Limited,Tax Manger,Assistant production manager and Limited Liability companies respectively,jointly were found in possession of 894 reels of counterfeit excise stamps acquired without the authority of the Commissioner.

They were also charged with Sh 2 Billion tax fraud,being in possession excise stamps contrary to the law,failure to pay tax,aiding the commission of a tax offense against the law among other charges.

Kariuki through his lawyers Cecil Miller and Kioko Kilukumi requested the court to release them on favorable bond terms saying that they have a right to bail since they are innocent until proven guilty.

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