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Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA) organizes virtual forum to discuss ways of improving domestic export markets.

by Robert Guyana

The Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA) has organized a virtual meeting forum to discuss matters indigenous foods and medicines for domestic export markets.
KDA has partnered with National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI), National Research Fund Kenya (NRF),African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) among others and Government officials to bring  the upcoming Diaspora Webinar on July 8,2021.The objective is to create and use the platform for key stakeholders to present and share their solutions and experiences, and identify gaps in practices to accelerate adoption of best practices and develop strategies for improved markets and partnerships. “We consider tech-novation and diaspora as two goldmines that Africa/Kenya is yet to engage fully for accelerated and sustainable transformation. Diaspora comes in not only as a financial, but also intellectual resource, “says organizers.
They added that besides , they are uniquely placed to provide in valuable economic and cultural diplomacy, skill, talent, technology, linkages as well as assist in identifying, opening up and developing new markets abroad.
The event targets Scholars, Researchers, Policy Makers, Legislators, Regulators, Practitioners, Inventors, Herbalists, Farmers, Entrepreneurs, Industrialists, Investors and Consumers.
The main speakers will be  Hon Cabinet Secretary of Education Prof. George Albert Magoha, Cabinet Secretary for Labour and Social Protection,
Hon Simon K. Chelugui, and Six Governors.

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