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Police graduates in court over salary pay cut.

by Robert Guyana

Two police graduates have moved to court contesting the decision by the Inspector General (IG) of Police and National Police Service Commission (NPSC) to reduce their pay without due process.

Through their lawyer Danstan Omari, the two John Kariuki and Meshack Mutukho are claiming that they are active members of the police having joined in 2013 after the NPS advertised.

They are seeking orders quashing the decision to reduce their salaries as revealed through the November 2021, pay slip.

“We are seeking an order compelling NPSC and IG to pay their Job Group J salaries as they used to earn earlier, “added Omari.

They say that they were in Job Group J and have been enjoying Sh 1700 increment per year until when their basic salary was reduced to that of persons in job group F in March 2018.

The NPSC later restored their pay to that group J and paid them all the accrued salary.

They say that they continued to enjoy their pay equivalent to that of employees in Group J until November this year when they realized that their pay had been reduced back to Job Group F.

According to court records, the changes in payment are affecting all graduate officers who were recruited in the year 2013 and have not been promoted to the ranks of inspector.

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