A matter in which Police Officer Rashid Ahmed is suspected of murder has been certified Urgent.

High Court in Nairobi has certified urgent a matter in which a police officer, linked to the murder of two youths in Eastleigh has moved to the High Court to stop his prosecution at the lower court.

High Court Judge Kanyi Kimondo on November 30,2022 certified the matter filed by Danstan Omari representing Rashid as urgent.

“It is hereby ordered that the notice of Motion dated November 29,2022 be and is hereby certified as urgent, “added Kimondo.

Judge Kimondo at the same time ordered that the application be served upon the ODPP for directions on December 8,2022.

Rashid Hassan Ahmed is linked to the murder of two youths in Eastleigh, he has moved to the High Court to stop his prosecution at the lower court.

Through lawyer Danstan Omari, Rashid who is a police officer currently attached to Starehe Division, Nairobi County said that IPOA has received summons against him to attend court and take plea on December 8, 2022.

The alleged offense is said to have been committed on March 31,2017at Amal Plaza within Eastleigh.

He claims that he is living in fear that he shall be presented to court while flaunting his rights to administrative action that is reasonably feared.

“My client wants the court to come to his aid because IPOA is not acting in good faith and have a bad motive in their decision to charge him as he has never been summoned to give any account on the allegations over which IPOA obtained the summons and they want to fix him without any lawful basis, “added Omari.

He says that if he will be charged with Murder his rights will be violated.

Rashid is seeking orders restraining DPP and IG from commencing any criminal proceedings in relation to the murder of the two youths.

“We request the court to suspend the intended criminal proceedings against Rashid pending the hearing and determination of the matter before the court, “added Omari.

Rashid is arguably the most feared in Nairobi’s sprawling Eastleigh and Mathare neighborhoods.

He claims that he was trailing the robbers during the time of incident who had robbed innocent Kenyans.

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