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Advocates Views on Digitization of Cases.

by Robert Guyana

By Chesoli Dennis Chebayi-Advocate of the High Court

The Judiciary going Digital is the best thing to ever happen to the Justice sector. The public has met with a lot of issues at the court registries.

During my pupilage days, you had to physically visit Milimani commercial courts to peruse, file and even extract orders and judgments.

Those who had experienced such visits would tell you how long the queues were.

 Sometimes, after queuing for an entire morning, it was unfortunate that your file had neither been received nor could it be traced, meaning that another visit would have to be made.

 It was such a nightmare to explain to your pupil master and client about such orderlies.

Then came my experience upon admission as an Advocate; I would hit a hard wall whenever I needed to file urgent orders for whose files could not be traced by the registry clerks.

Today things are different, at least in Nairobi. An advocate or a litigant in person need only register   their Firm or Personal Details such as their Identity Card Number, KRA pin certificate as well as have a working email to access the portal.

 It is now easier to file, peruse and extract orders just by payment of the requisite amount indicated in the system and with a click of button, it is all done.

Likeany other new system, the Judiciary Platform has its own fair share ofchallenges, this I believe given time, shall be fixed.

For instance, the system lags on occasion, with Customer Service representatives leaving more to be desired.

This frustrates users especially whenever in urgent need of further assistance with personal touch. All said, let us give credit where deserved, this is yet another step towards better service to Kenyans.

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