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Sonko says Senators were bribed to impeach him

by Faith Karanja

Ousted Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has sensationally claimed without providing any proof that the government bribed senators Sh2 million as a Christmas token to impeach him.

Sonko’s assertions are widely interpreted as a deliberate onslaught to the government and Head of State.

In a tweet, the besieged former county boss claimed that the money was offered during the vote to breach the law.

Just a few minutes before voting started to impeach Governor Mike Sonko,two black Range Rovers are said to have been driven in the Parliament Building and parked next to Senate chambers.

Sources close to security at Parliament confirms that a top official had just arrived to push through the impeachment of Governor Sonko.

Earlier on Senators were supposed to vote using ballot papers but it was changed to roll call way of voting,which put Senators at a crossroad as their integrity and privacy in voting was compromised.

The two black Range Rovers are said to have left after the first round of voting.

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